Own andearn IDO.

All in One Cardano Wallet.

Earn rewards as the network grows.

IDO Wall building a mesh network using hybrid spectrum, renewable energy, and blockchain technology. Earth Nodes are the backbone of our network and process all transactions on our blockchain.

As an Earth Node operator, you will secure our network and earn IDO as per the tokenomics model. Since our network is based on the sharing economy, as the network grows so do your rewards.

Together, we can bring connectivity to billions of people in Africa and beyond.

Unlock a trillion-dollar telecoms industry.

Earn rewards as the network grows.

Bring the Internet to everyone,
everywhere, and open access to digital banking,
education, and healthcare.

Features of IDO Wallet::

IDO Wallet will be the most user
friendly wallet for both newbies and
professionals, such that it serves as a basic
crypto guide into the world of crypto
for entry beginners.
Below are some of the features of IdoWallet:
-Staking and Liquidity
-User-friendly and Faster Cardano Transactions
-Low Transaction Fees
-Allows Instant Transactions Across Geographies.
Cover calls, texts, data usage
or online services.

Max Supply

We have released 10% into circulating supply (10 million). The rest will be released over 20 years.

Stake tokens to become an Earth Node operator and join our network. You will earn rewards on a daily basis for your honest participation and for every transaction processed through your node.

Supply distribution

  • Seed Sale 20%
  • Presale & team 15%
  • Publicsale 10%
  • Liquidity 12%
  • Staking 10%
  • Locked Ecosystem 19%
  • Team10%
  • Advisors 4%

Network inflation over time.

Earn extra rewards.

Earn IDO for being one of the first to secure the network and kickstart the sharing economy.

When the world calls,
will you pick up?

Connect the unconnected and earn
rewards as the network grows.